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All classes can be booked online via the bookings tab

Yoga Class

Monday 8:45AM
Tuesday 5:30PM

Tuesday 7.00PM

Thursday 5:30PM

Thursday 7:00PM

Saturday 8:00AM
Saturday 9.30AM

Iyengar yoga is revered world wide for it's attention to detail, understanding and reflection of Asana. The approach and use of props offers versatility and accessibility for all ages, injuries and conditions. Aligning the self, balancing energy within the body the practice of Iyengar yoga will put you on a path to Holistic health.

Stretch Class

Monday 5.30PM

Working with the intricacies of movement and breath, and incorporating ballistic, passive and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation we will  awaken the muscles, glide through fascia and steadily extend range of motion.

Private Class

Available on request

If you wish to make a private class please contact me for availability.

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